AIRCOM® ServerPlatform 7.2 is here!
AIRCOM® ServerPlatform 7.2 is here!

26 May 2020

AIRCOM® ServerPlatform 7.2 is here!

At SITA, we’re constantly seeking to enhance and innovate for the air transport industry. Our popular SITA FOR AIRCRAFT AIRCOM® applications digitally transform flight operations through every stage of the journey – at take-off, inflight and landing – but we never stop striving to improve the aircraft day of operations.

That’s why we’ve released AIRCOM® ServerPlatform 7.2, which includes a host of updates to make flight operations more efficient and effective than ever.

We’ve made significant enhancements to some of our key AIRCOM® solutions, including AIRCOM® FlightTracker, AIRCOM® FlightPlanner and AIRCOM® FlightMessenger – all hosted on the AIRCOM® ServerPlatform – to optimize flight routing and turnaround and enable more effective communications inflight.

Discover the latest updates:

AIRCOM® ServerPlatform

Performance enhancements and optimizations

  • The AIRCOM® ServerPlatform and its associated applications remain available to customers using a Windows SQL Server 24/7, even during an outage
  • We’ve further enhanced the solution’s performance by increasing distribution limits to 1,000 destinations and allowing for higher email message throughput by grouping emails with similar addresses and content
  • Message processing is now faster than ever thanks to our memory and database usage enhancements. Processing performance has increased by around 20% on average since the previous release, for the same volume of messages.

AIRCOM® FlightMessenger

  • Alongside further improvements to AIRCOM® FlightMessenger’s current features, we’ve added Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunications Network (AFTN) send capabilities to all users on AFTN or Aeronautical Message Handling System (AMHS) networks, to complement existing AFTN reception capabilities.

AIRCOM® FlightTracker

The latest release includes enhancements to handle airlines’ most complex tracking scenarios, making AIRCOM® FlightTracker the most adept airline flight tracking solution around.

  • AIRCOM® FlightTracker can now handle conflicting operator codes (such as incorrect operator codes used when airlines fly partner flights), conflicting Flight Identifier and Callsigns scenarios, or last-minute tail swaps
  • Users can import and export a Callsign Matching table for easier flight identification when only the Flight Identifier or Callsign is provided (FI-to-callsign conversions)
  • Airlines’-own flight data (flight plans, initialization data, movement messages) and ACARS are prioritized over third party data
  • Airlines can now restrict data reception to a select list of owned aircraft, instead of receiving data for every airline’s configured operator code (where an operator code is also used by other airlines or operators)
  • Users can now handle any partial flight plans they receive before a flight takes off. These enable airlines to update a flight's onward route from a particular waypoint, while maintaining the existing route up to it. Previously, partial flight plans were only applied to aircraft already inflight.

AIRCOM® FlightPlanner

  • We’ve brought AIRCOM® FlightPlanner customers a step closer to complete automation for assessing flight planning scenarios. By enabling the automatic submission of flight plan calculations, along with an alternate preference list, airline dispatch teams can reduce their overheads
  • Users may now define the departure control system and weight and balance thresholds at which new flight plan calculations should be made, automatically alerting dispatch teams and reducing workload
  • Multiple airline codes can now be handled at once across multiple fleets, supporting more efficient and cost-effective operations
  • AIRCOM® ServerPlatform is now integrated with the AIMS scheduling system, allowing any schedule changes to be automatically reflected in FlightPlanner. This reduces reliance on Ad-hoc Schedule Messages (ASM) and optimizes flight planning integration with the day of operations schedule.

For the full details of the AIRCOM® ServerPlatform 7.2 release, reach out to your usual SITA FOR AIRCRAFT contact or email for the complete user guide.

Be sure to look out for AIRCOM® Server Platform release 8.0 with even more updates coming later this year.