11 Sep 2019

CrewTab: How we’re empowering cabin crews to ‘go digital’

By Evi Dougali, Product Manager, CrewTab, SITA FOR AIRCRAFT

For many airlines, the number one motive for digital transformation is to unlock fresh opportunities to make operations more efficient and cost-effective.

On the cabin side, our newly-patented CrewTab is proving exactly the intuitive and integrated digital solution airlines need to actively enhance their cabin crew operations.

SITA FOR AIRCRAFT’s powerful yet easy-to-use tablet dashboard digitizes cabin crew activities before, during and after a flight. Large, premium airlines and regional carriers – including Philippine Airlines, Virgin Australia, Aerolineas Argentinas, Etihad and Rossiya Airlines – are already using CrewTab to empower thousands of crew members, every single day.

With CrewTab, SITA FOR AIRCRAFT is enabling airlines to unlock unlimited possibilities for digital transformation: ‘going digital’ for greater operational efficiency, and ‘going personal’ for excellent service. By fully digitizing onboard workflows and intelligently integrating with an airline’s existing IT systems, CrewTab enables increased operational efficiency, improved crew performance and reduced costs.

Paperless flight

When highlighting the benefits brought by digitizing cabin crews, the numbers really do speak for themselves. Digitizing onboard processes, for example, means an airline can significantly reduce its paper weight, and therefore, its fuel – an airline’s biggest flight cost.

Etihad and Virgin Australia for example, collectively managed to eradicate 250,000 paper forms in the first half of 2018.

Digitizing crews

Then there’s the clear time- and cost-savings CrewTab brings, through digitizing the forms cabin crew need to fill in on every flight.

If a cabin crew completed, on average, ten paper forms per flight, taking five minutes each, on five flights a day, that’s over four hours a day absorbed in completing those reports. Time that could be spent assisting passengers, or enriching the onboard experience.

Those paper reports also need administration on the ground, whether via a colleague’s review, or by physically inputting paper-based data into the airline’s digital system. And that’s all before you factor in any unexpected incidents that may arise, such as seat or catering issues, or a passenger taken ill, requiring even more paperwork. By digitizing and integrating this function with an airline’s on-ground IT systems, CrewTab streamlines and synchronizes the whole process. Standardizing data flows also means information is airline analytics-ready, enabling them to more amply assess their activities and identify areas for smarter working.

Fundamentally powerful

CrewTab is a very active product. We issue quarterly releases, and are constantly exploring and innovating new features and technologies, in tandem with airline customers, to bring enhancements – driving operational efficiency, personalizing the passenger experience, and offering opportunities for boosting onboard revenues.

The solution has three main components:

  1. CrewTab Application – the airline’s customized, iPad-based application combining an easy-to-use, intuitive interface with a secure local database of operational data
  2. CrewTab Server – a cloud-based server facilitating business logic, mediation and integration with the airline’s IT infrastructure
  3. CrewTab Admin Portal – the web-based administration console.

As standard, CrewTab gives airlines powerful capabilities across five core functionality pillars: Crew, Passenger, Documentation and Manuals, Forms, and Messaging. These modules enable crews to access flight plans, passenger seat maps and profiles, multiformat manuals, pre-fillable forms, or even messages from ground ops.


Earlier in 2019 we launched the ‘Child Age’ tool as our newest core feature. It allows CrewTab customers to set age range parameters so that crews can customize their service for younger passengers, based on date of birth.

This enables flight attendants to be ready to offer complimentary coloring packs for under-tens, or identify ideal seat locations for families with under-fives for bathroom access, for example.

Streamlining operations

Beyond its core set-up, CrewTab also offers a rich menu of optional add-ons – supporting enhanced operations, personalized customer service and boosting in-flight revenue – that airlines can select to further tailor their CrewTab capabilities, and the benefits they bring.

We offer a wealth of bespoke options, developed to support an airline’s operational focus.

Carriers can, for example, elevate how they manage service elements and assets with the digital Service Checklist or Inventory, and identify areas for greater efficiency. With the Crew Positioning Visual, crews can monitor and pinpoint optimum attendant positions in-flight, while Crew Alerts help airlines easily create and send enhanced digital alerts to crews, wherever they are.

The Enhanced Flight Report module, meanwhile, delivers a fully customized, business intelligence-ready flight report, that supports the airline with better control, consistency, structured data and potential cost savings.

Other options include integrating an airline’s business logic into customized forms, uploading and storing business manuals, and applying specific business rules (i.e. who is authorized to view), supporting enhanced business intelligence.

Making it personal

Our newest optional feature, ‘Alert on Pax’, illustrates how CrewTab equips cabin crews to seamlessly deliver an ever-more personalized passenger experience – enabled through expert integration with an airline’s customer relationship management (CRM) or loyalty system. With Alert on Pax, attendants can set alerts for individual passengers, and add a specific service note. Whether it’s a request for a wake-up, drinks, onboard items such as pillows, or to be alerted to onboard retail, these individual alerts can be created within the CrewTab calendar.

Another feature, the Pax Compensation Module, provides full workflow management should an incident arise. It takes crews through the full administrative process from registering the issue, through to identifying and processing the type of compensation being provided.

Smart CrewTab connectivity

Airline customers can not only connect their CrewTab for real time air/ground updates, but also take control over what is connected, and how.

By selecting the Connected CrewTab Configuration module, airlines can easily configure approved CrewTab features and functionality to connect and synchronize over different networks – by cellular or Wi-Fi. They can then reap the benefits of extending connectivity onboard, and benefit from a constant, cost-efficient connection.

Speak to us!

Airlines are under more pressure than ever before. They face record levels of competition, and increasingly need to differentiate their offering to the passenger market, to win custom, and, hopefully, loyalty.

In a social media age, an effective cabin crew, as an airline’s all-important ‘front of house’, has never been more vital for passenger satisfaction. By digitally-empowering crews, and feeding and applying airline business intelligence, CrewTab can help airlines truly deliver this.

To find out more about CrewTab, visit the microsite, submit an enquiry form, or speak to your local SITA FOR AIRCRAFT representative.